Magisa, the sexy thick witch, is at it again. This time, no magic is involved. She is asked to go on a mission with the captain, a captain with a reputation for fucking any and every woman he comes in contact with. Knowing all that, she decides to accompany him anyway.

 When they arrive at their destination, he immediately puts her on the spot, maybe as a diversion (not sure). While others are watching, he exposes her huge tits with hard nipples. He begins to grab, grope and poke at them. Her tits being so sensitive, she cums. Next, before moving onto her pussy, he has her announce it saying, “Now the captain will stir up my pussy. So please stroke your cocks while you enjoy the show”.

Swirling his fingers and hand ferociously inside of her pussy, she cums once more. At this point, she is crazy for cock. She wants cock, cocks and more cocks. She especially wants to be fucked. The captain gives her what she so badly wants. While the captain is fucking her from behind another big cock goes into her mouth. She is now taking on two big cocks but she makes it clear that the captain is the cock for her; he is the chosen one.

The captain noticed the guys staring at Magisa’s asshole and spreads her ass for all to see. She’s soon being fucked in her dripping pussy and in her ass. She’s absolutely loving every second of it. She cums once more from being fucked hard in her ass.

Now, back at home, ever since the “sex show” she and the captain put on for all of those men, she now finds it hard to cum without an audience. She goes as far as tying their friend up so that he could stay and watch. It works.

REVIEW 5 out of 5
Magisa is always super sexy. Love her body and especially her tits. I’d love to suck on those. Being watched while fucking is quite the turn-on. Sucks for her though that now she isn’t able to cum without watchful eyes. While reading, I was very turned on.