Let's talk points. You want to unlock all the User Galleries and Tabrin content for free? Well you're going to need points to do that. Here are some pointers on how to accumulate the most points for newcomers.

First things first.

Make a profile! = 1000 points
Add a picture to your profile = 10 points.

These points are awarded one time only. Now you're up 1000 points! Let's keep it going, shall we.

Banner ads clicks = 80 points
each time that you click (A limit of 10 times a day) , maxing at
800 points a day! 

Login = 100 points You'll earn 100 point each day! Make logging in a habit. 

Let's move on to the User Galleries.  Once you pick a section make sure to sort by "No Points" You can view as many "No Points" galleries as you like.  if you Comment, Rate or Favorite on images, you'll earn  30-40 points each time! ( Please no spam comments )

So that's really much it. You might be thinking to yourself

"But Tabrin, you sexy cock sucking, deep anal, big tittie, cum drinking slut.  Some of these post are 1500pts+ and I need to make over 2000pts just to unlock the Anime/Hentai Movie section on the site, Is there no faster way of gaining points on the site?"

Yeap, I got you covered. The fastest way to gain the most points is to upload content to the User Gallery. Your galleries can be listed for 5 | 10 | 15  points

Every time someone spends their points to view your galleries you gain the points. This will rake up TONS of points fast. Uploading to the user gallery also gains you points for each gallery you post

( Please no spam  galleries. Your galleries will be reviewed )

The more content you upload the better chance of users spending points to view it. We make it easy to view your post/gallery stats and how well each gallery you post is doing in your dashboard under statistics.

This is the best way to gain points fast. You'll have so many points you'll be able to unlock almost everything on the site with enough time. We also have big plans for those of you who gain HUGE ammounts of points. We'll have more on those plans later on. 

Really it just comes down to staying involved! Become part of the site! Enjoy all of the sexy and exciting content here waiting for you! Have fun.

XOXO Tabrin