The story is simple and cute. Basically, Lisha likes Luka and it seems that Luka also likes Lisha. They have not yet confessed their feeling for one another. This is a futanari doujin, by the way. If you couldn’t tell by the title or the subtle image of her cock on the cover, then you’ll know by page 9. I like futa because I think it would feel so good to receive pleasure from both pussy and cock. Plus, I like pussy and cock, a lot. It’s all a big turn on for me. Especially when the girl is really sexy and has a big, sexy cock to match.

Lisha plays really naïve. She accidently walks in on Luka while he happens to masturbating to her picture. She calls him  a pervert but she doesn’t turn down the idea of putting his cock in her mouth. She allows him to fuck her mouth and then her tits. Milk spews from her luscious tits and hard nipples. During it all, she is trying her best to hold back but it she gets so into it that she doesn’t even realize that her cock is rock solid.

Luka goes down on Lisha and then fucks her pussy. He starts out slowly because Lisha’s pussy is so tight. I don’t think that she is a virgin but she tries to come across as innocent and has a super tight pussy so one could think that she was a virgin but there is no mention of it. Back to the doujin… Luka fucks her deep and they both cum at the same time. I liked that he was stroking her cock while he was fucking her. I can only imagine how good that would feel. As they cum, they confess their love for each other. They ultimately decide to keep having sex and a possible relationship that may or may not include having children.

REVIEW 2 out of 5

This hentai doujin was not bad. Lisha acting so innocent about it all and how politely Luka would ask Lisha to do things for him was cute. She had some nice tits that I would love to suck. Lisha also had the biggest cock of the two which was also nice.