This hentai manga is about a girl named Sonoyama, who has befriended a demon named, Emily.  Sonoyama seems down on her luck as a writer until she stumbles into a job as an editor for a manga company. She has a unique way of getting the job done. Emily, the demon friend, helps fuse her body or life-force with Sonoyama and instead of taking life-force from others, they use sex as a way to make the manga writers more enthusiastic, as well as to keep Emily around. Virgins especially. I guess since the virgins lack experience, it shows in their manga so she helps give them something to write about.

Emily also has a sister. Though she doesn’t use her powers for helping others. She takes the life-force and human virgin men are her favorite. She says that the virgin semen is both delicious and valuable. She spots a man leaving the manga publisher that Sonoyama works at. Right away, she asks him to “spend some time” with her. She even said that she would pay him. She gets him to a room and they instantly strip down. He’s never done it before but she doesn’t mind showing him everything he needs to know. In the end, he’s nearly fucked and sucked dry.

In the meantime, Sonoyama and Emily are on their way to see a writer/manga artist who just happens to be a priest. His first passion was manga before he inherited the job as a priest. Though he feels that he should retire soon, right after his last manga that he is hoping Sonoyama could help him make it become a hit. Sonoyama and Emily do their thing and suddenly, Sonoyama is dressed in a sexy get up that shows off her delicious body. She tells the priest that she’ll do anything he wants and he takes full advantage of her offer by doing everything from a little S&M, to water sports. She enjoyed every minute of it. Her pussy was like a waterfall of pussy juice. She kept wanting more until she herself felt depleted. After all is said and done, she encourages him to not retire and to continue on with his manga.

Sonoyama, who Emily also calls Yoshino, feels that she and Emily are no different from those demons that go around draining life-force for their gain. She feels that she must tell her company that she is working with Emily and that she is a demon. She does just that and it goes over pretty well with the boss. He allows her to keep doing whatever it is she is doing, with Emily just as long as it’s producing progress, and it is. That’s when Emily’s sister decides to pay her a little visit. She asks to speak with Sonoyama’s boss. She has a bit of a business proposition for him. She is willing to pay whatever it takes for the virgins that work for his company. That does not go over well with him at all (too put it short). She had brought the virgin that she fucked nearly to death, with her. Both Soyonoma and Emily quickly rushed him to the hospital where they were going to nurse him back to health.

This time, they were going to do it together. Sonoyama and Emily joined forces to suck and fuck him back to life all while donning a sexy nurse costume. They looked good enough to eat. They were successful in nursing him back to health but all that work caused Emily to shrink down to a very small size. Sonoyama had to be sure to masturbate every day to give Emily some of her pussy juice, so that she would, I guess, not die. Sonoyama, Emily and the company seemed to be doing quite well, in the end.

REVIEW 5 out of 5

So, this is a pretty long translated manga. Don’t let that scare you off though. It may be long but the sex in it is well worth it. There are three sex scenes total. My favorite would probably be the one with both Sonoyama and Emily dressed as nurses. It’s a pretty hot threesome. There’s some dialogue that tries to steer away on a kind of moral trip but it’s not so bad that it would kill your mood. Well, it didn’t for me anyway. The girls are sexy and at the same time cute, the cocks look good and the sex images are super sexy. There’s some x-ray but it’s done in a sexy way.