The very hot and “innocent” Takane is interested in knowing what a “Soap Land” is. So, she asks, who I assume is her boss. At first, he wants her to just dismiss it and never talk about it again but she can’t seem to let it go. Seeing that she is still highly interested in finding out more, he attempts to explain it to her. That only ends up confusing her so he does the next best thing, he decides to show her instead.

Rather than take her to Soap Land, he brings her back to his place. They’ll be using his bathtub. He walks her through it all but she quickly becomes a fast learner. She grips his cock for a nice hand-job and then she puts his cock in her mouth for a sexy blow-job. This may be her first time trying such naughty things but she’s extremely good at it. He can’t help but to cum in her mouth. She seems to like the taste of cum. She rubs her wet body all over his. She wants to suck his cock while her ass and pussy are hovering over him. He can’t help but to notice her ass. When he makes a comment about her juicy butt, she lowers her pussy to his face and he sticks his tongue in and out of her pussy while she continues to suck his cock. She then slides her dripping pussy up and down his arm. She’s almost able to get off on it.

He wants inside her pussy. She bends over and opens her pussy wide for him. Once his cock is inside, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to stop. He fucks her hard and fast, wrecking her pussy. He unloads deep inside. He wants that asshole next. She’s unsure but doesn’t try to stop him as he eases his cock inside her tight asshole. She loves it. It feels so good. Especially the part where he cums inside her ass. They’re not through yet. He titty-fucks her and next she wants his cock inside her pussy again. She lies down and spreads wide. He fucks her hard and fast again while they confess their love for each other.

REVIEW 4 out of 5

This hentai doujin is cute and sexy. Takane is plump and juicy. I would love to stick my tongue in her pussy. I’d love to do everything that Takane did and then some. I doubt that she has any questions of what Soap Land might be now.