The User uploads are back but with a few changes. You are able to upload like normal but this time you can also gain points for adding tags. Also, all posts will have to be approved before going LIVE to the site. This will help avoid the site from being flooded with DMCA take-downs like before. If I feel your gallery post might receive a take-down, I'll set it to private and free-users will have to login to view it. Below are the steps you need to take to upload just in case you need help. If you have any questions please post in the comments below. 

Updated 9-6-2017
-  Head over to Dashboard or click the arrow on your profile picture.
2-  New Post
3-  Choose Post Type. Post for single picture post or gallery, if your post has more than one image.
4-  Pick a thumbnail cover under Post Image.
5-  Pick which Category your post should be listed in. Leave Theme blank. This will be removed for free-users.
6-  Fill in a few Tags that best fit your post. It will also grant you an extra +25 points on top of your +80 points.
7-  Fill in the SEO Title you like or SEO Description if you like.
8-  If you would like to charge users to view your post, set the Price Point. Remember that you get all of the points users spend on your posts.
9-  Click Next 

10- Select the Images Tab at the top that's next to General
11- Select  Upload images (arts) 
12- You should see a white box that says drop files here or click to upload, which will open a window for you to point to the folder or image you want to upload. 
13- That's it! All done. 

Once I approve your post your points will be added to your account. You can upload as much as you’d like. Enjoy and if you need help or if I missed anything in the steps, let me know below.

-H Master