Talia, an elf, is overjoyed that her latest crafts have sold for such a hefty sum and is anxious to head over to the human realm and overindulge in as many sweets as she’d like. She can’t wait to tell her Father, a renowned craftsman himself. She rushes over to her parents just before her Father is, also, off to the human realm. He is to be gone for an entire month on business. Little does he know what will take place during his absence.

Talia’s sexy Mother, Lena, goes to her cabin afterward, where she usually prays, makes medicine, offers consultation and more, for other elven who would like to share in her good fortune of giving birth. Elven view child birth as something sacred and do not seek pleasure from sex. Once she enters the cabin, she is confronted by a strange man, holding her unconscious daughter. Only the strange man, who is a stranger to her, is none other than the man who helps sell Talia’s crafts. She is unaware of Talia’s state and is rightfully worried. She strikes a deal with the man basically saying that if she calmed his boner down, that he in return would not defile her daughter. He neither agrees nor disagrees, only grins. She takes that as a yes and begins to suck his cock.

She sucks his cock but with very little enthusiasm. Remember, her kind do not have sex for pleasure. He tells her that she’ll never get a man to cum if she sucks his cock like that. To show her the right way to suck his cock, he rams his cock in her mouth, all the way to the base. He soon cums all over her face. She is relieved, thinking that she has done the deed that will spare her daughter, but little does she know that he considers her sucking his cock to be only foreplay. He wants to fuck her.

He lies her down, spreads her legs and shoves his cock inside of her pussy. She, of course, thinks that indulging in pleasure is a filthy act, at first. She’s never been fucked in such a way. His cock was touching places that she’d never had touched before. He assured her that her daughter would not wake because he had given her sleeping pills. Still, she holds back her voice but that only turned him on. Lena could not resist when he rubbed her clit while thrusting his cock in her pussy. She didn’t want to but she cummed all over his cock as he cummed deep inside her pussy. That was her first time reaching climax. She felt filthy and only wanted to be in the comfort of her husband’s arms. Her husband is not due back until the end of the month.  

The man continued to sporadically show up at the cabin to fuck her with some of his friends, for the remainder of the month. Each time it’s something different. Once he had her perform an elven dance that quickly turned into a 3-on-1 gangbang, after having her piss in front of them. She felt humiliated but she endured it all for the sake of her daughter. By the end of the month, she had become a real pro at getting them off. It was almost as if she were enjoying herself, though she would still deny it.

Finally, her husband returned. She was glad the whole ordeal was over but something led her back to the cabin that night. She wasn’t expecting to see the men there, fucking her daughter. He had been fucking her daughter the whole time. They had been giving her pills that in time turned her cock-hungry and made her pussy super sensitive. Lena could not believe it. All that she went through, thinking that it would keep him from fucking her daughter, was all for nothing. Then is when she decided that there’s no point for her to hold back anymore. She begged them to fuck her until she broke. She was hooked on the cock and the pleasure that it brought to her.

They fucked her and her daughter at the same time. Both enjoying it immensely. She really enjoyed the double-penetration. She wanted to continue fucking, more than just that night. He told her that there’s still training to be done and that he’d make her into a male pleasing sow. The fun was only just beginning.

REVIEW 4 out of 5
Overall, it was a sexy comic. The Mom and daughter had nice thick bodies with big tits that I’d love to suck. I liked that it was in color. The fact that she tried to fight the pleasure but in the end, could not hold back was very sexy. Also, the positions used, white girls + bbc, fucking them in front of one another, cumming deep inside her pussy and how she came to accept that she loved and wanted it so much. All sexy.