The Admiral likes to have his sake, his specially made sake, at work. Being that it’s prohibited doesn’t stop him. When, an assumed, co-worker catches him drinking in his office, she tells him to get back to work. She then decided to take a drink of the Admiral’s special sake. She ended up falling asleep. He knew that would happen.

He wondered to himself, if he should play a little joke on her. He exposed her big, luscious tits with thick nipples. His hard on touched her tits. She then awoke but instead of being scared by his big, hard cock, she told him that he may do whatever he liked to her.

Thinking that they’d both forget about it all the next day anyway, he wasted no time spreading her legs and stuffing her pussy with his cock.  He cummed so much that she asked if they were getting married. He answered with a dishonest, “of course” before turning her around and bending her over to fuck her from behind. He fucked her so deep that she cummed all over his cock. He told her to cum to her hearts content because he wasn’t done fucking her wet pussy. He fucked her deep, hard and fast. He finally cummed once more, inside of her pussy.

Apparently after that day, he drank sake every day, and I’m assuming he did so with her. He thought that everything said that day had been forgotten until she reminded him that sake was prohibited until he takes responsibility. She did not forget him agreeing to marry her.

REVIEW 3 out of 5

This was a short, cute hentai doujin. To the point. Like a quickie. The girl was sexy. Thick body with big tits to suck. Always nice to look at. I liked how he cummed deep inside of her and also how he kept fucking her roughly from behind even after she had cummed. I love the feeling of being fucked during and after I cum. Sometimes makes me weak and sometimes gets me more fired up.