A co-worker thinks that Yumeko has been acting a bit strange so he decides to follow her. He is surprised to see her go into the Janitors office. He suspects that she is about to make a bet, but that’s not quite what she had in mind.

Peering through the window, the co-worker listens in as Yumeko tells the Janitor that she hasn’t been able to find any good bets, so she asked him if he could give her, her usual. He wasn’t sure what she meant by that. Apparently, she had come just in time because Mary-chan, another co-worker, had been nearly fucked unconscious. Yumeko was eager to get started to let the Janitor finish up with her.

She began by cleaning Mary-chan’s pussy juice off of the Janitor’s cock. He made sure she took it deep and cleaned it well. She wrapped her tits around his cock as she sucked it. He soon cummed in her mouth, telling her to drink every drop, which she did. He then bent her over, tore a hole in her stocking, and rammed her pussy deep. She wanted to him to cum deep inside her, that was the gamble. She was risking the chance at getting pregnant. The more he fucked her and cummed deep inside her pussy, the more of a risk she was taking and that thrilled her. It gave her a high and she didn’t want to stop. I think she may have a gambling problem. He cummed inside her once more. She didn’t want it to end there though. She put on her cat costume and demanded that he fuck her and let her have her fun. They were just getting started.

REVIEW 3 out of 5
Short but cute. She had nice tits. Mary-chan was sexy sprawled out on the floor like that with her legs wide and cum spewing out.  I really liked all of the cream-pie’s. Can’t really identify with the “gambling” part but it was a cute spin. Also liked how the Janitor was able to keep going and also how she didn’t want to stop. They have high sex drives. Very nice. Her cat costume was sexy as well. I wonder how and when they would have ended it?