Kuzuta is confronted by two bullies after school. They ask for money but when he says he doesn’t have any, they come up with the perfect idea to punish him. They decide to make him confess to Kurogawa! Kurogawa has a reputation of kicking anyones ass that upsets her. They thought for sure that she’d kick Kuzuta’s ass, but to everyone’s surprise… she actually agreed to go out with him! The bullies decided to extend his punishment and told him to bring back something like her panties and to record something good of their time together. Kuzuta knew that if he were to do those things and be caught by her that she would definitely kill him, which is exactly what Yuuji wanted because he secretly liked Kurogawa and was planning on confessing himself.

It took no time for Kuzuta to deliver. He set up a camera to record it all. Yuuji sat down to watch. For their date, Kuzuta took Kurogawa back to his room. She thought it cocky of him but went along with it. Without hesitation, he asked for a kiss. He could tell that she was nervous. They tongued it up with a wet kiss. Next she took off her clothes. He had her spread eagle for the camera for their first memory. When he went down to her pussy, he noticed that she was still a virgin, just as he was. He fingered her pussy hard and fast to get it ready for his cock. They 69’d while he sucked and licked her wet pussy and she sucked and licked his hard cock and balls. She was taken back by how big his cock was. Meanwhile, Yuuji watched in a jealous rage.

Kuzuta fucked Kurogawa missionary, with her legs spread wide. During fucking her, he asked why she agreed to go out with him. She told him that since most guys were afraid to approach her that she would have said yes to any guy. Yuuji couldn’t believe it! She could’ve said yes to him but instead she was being fucked by Kuzuta, whom he thought wanted nothing to do with her. Turns out that Kuzuta had liked her all along and confessed once more with his cock deep inside of Kurogawa. Next they fucked doggy style. Kuzuta made sure to gain the upper hand while he fucked her, by taking no mercy on her virgin pussy and by telling her to thank him. She did thank him and told him that she indeed belonged to him. She was loving that cock. They fucked and fucked some more before he cummed deep inside of her pussy. Kurogawa even passed out afterward. Kuzuta used this opportunity to gloat in front of the boys who bullied him into asking Kurogawa out in the first place, telling them that he did what they asked and to stop bullying him. Yuuji drained his cock to the video. Before the video had ended, Kuzuta woke Kurogawa up to fuck at least three more times before his Mother got home.

REVIEW 5 out of 5
Mmm, Kurogawa was super sexy with her thick body and big ass tits. Right when I saw her, I couldn’t wait to see her get fucked. Being that she was always viewed as being mean and then let her guard down once she was getting fucked was cute. I wouldn’t think her to be the submissive type. Being that she was a virgin probably helped. She didn’t know what to do or expect. Kuzuta had a nice, big cock. I liked how she sucked his cock and his balls hard. The fact that it was all recorded and then Yuuji was watching the whole thing in fury added another element to it that made it sexy. The plot was also cute. I liked it!