Alice makes sure to get detention just so she can be alone with Oo-kun. She wastes no time, tonguing it up with him. She bends over, exposing her ass and tits. He also wastes no time and begins to fuck her hard and fast. Her tits jiggle around as he plows her wet pussy. She wants his cum deep inside of her. She wants to have his baby.

For Halloween, Alice dresses up as a sexy maid. She still looks every bit as erotic as she always does and he just can’t take it. He squeezes the only adult looking part on her, which is her tits as they tongue it up again. She disagrees so he asks her to show him her tits so that he may have a closer look. What he really wanted to do was to suck her hard nipples. She resists at first. He begs her to fuck him with her big, jiggly, soft tits. His cock was smothered by her tits. Alice is really good at tit-fucking. He cums in no time, splattering her face, with her mouth open and waiting to receive his cum. That’s not enough for Alice. She wants more cum.

She begins to suck on his cock and then opens her legs wide for him to fuck her. Whether he cums inside of her or on her thick, sexy body, she wants it bad. Oo-Kun wants to fill her up with his “baby juice”. He grabs her tits and delivers a big cream-pie.

Now pregnant… He continues to fuck her hard and deep.

REVIEW 3 out of 5
This was a cute, somewhat Halloween themed doujin. Alice is very sexy. I want to suck those tits too. If you don’t already know, I absolutely love cream-pies. I wish I could go door-to-door Halloween night collecting cream-pies ^_~. I also liked how much they both wanted to fuck.