The Sorceress has captured the Elf and the Amazon and chained them up in a cave of lust. She wants them to both give into their inhibitions and the lust that consumes them. To help with that, she’s enlisted the help of the Orcs.

They begin with the small, cute elf. The elves are very popular with the Orcs. They can’t wait to get a piece of her. While shoving their tongue inside her pussy, they notice her hymen is still intact; she’s a virgin. Now, more than ever, they want to fuck her good. Moments after shoving his cock into her virgin, wet pussy, her body goes limp. He thinks that he’s killed her but he still feels her pussy twitching on his cock. What better way to bring her to, then to shove another cock up her ass? Now that she’s got huge Orc cocks up her ass and pussy, she is beginning to give into the lust. Just as the Sorceress wanted, while she watches on as she too is getting fucked by the Orcs. It’s now the Amazon’s turn.

Bent over with her ass in the air, they lick her pussy with their grotesque monster tongue’s. She, as well as her kind, has killed so many Orcs, they can’t wait to violate her pussy with their cocks. They fuck her muscular pussy and he fucks it hard and deep. She tries her best to resist. He tells her to take a good look at him fucking her because he will be her husband. He plans to cum deep inside of her. Sorceress says that she will too come to love their cocks, as she has done. She also reveals that the Orcs are her true Masters. Try hard as she may, the Amazon cannot resist any longer and yells out to the Orc, “Shoot your semen into me!”. Lust has taken over them all.

REVIEW 4 out of 5
Hm, out of the three, I think I’d like to be the Elf. Two big Orc cocks stuffing my pussy and my ass sounds like a great time. The girls were all different but sexy. The Sorceress is more my type. Love the big and meaty Orc cocks. This doujin was sexy and it really turned me on.