A loli vampire and a thick witch can’t stop fighting amongst each other over whose looks and body is best. What better way to get to the bottom of this than to have a Sex Contest?! Whomever makes the most guys cum, wins. Which would you choose? The small statured, bitty-titty, loli vamp or the tall, thick, big tittied witch? Let the contest begin!

Only our thick witch isn’t prepared. She may have a sexy body but she doesn’t seem to like sex nearly as much as our aggressive loli slut vampire. Contrary to the witch, she absolutely loves and invites cocks her way and can’t stop cumming. Meanwhile the submissive witch, not wanting to participate at first but also not wanting to lose, finally gives into the cocks.

They are both being fucked by multiple cocks, in every hole. Even armpits are fair game. They even go as far as fucking each other. They become so filled with cum that they begin vomiting it up. Each of their pussies prolapsed.  The mix of pussy juice, cum and vomit is everywhere.

There is no clear winner here. They were fucked and fucked equally, it seems. I think that they could agree to disagree on who’s body is best. Loli and thick can go quite well together, as they have come to realize. They both love cocks and cocks love them.

REVIEW 3 out of 5
Short and sexy. I’d take them both but I think I’d initially be drawn to the witch. I just have a thing for big tits and asses. Loli is cute and can be sexy as well. I don’t really run across aggressive loli though. Usually it would be the other way around but that was a cute switch up.