A traveler comes to the Swamp Witch’s’ Manor. The sexy witch prepares a meal for the traveler but that’s not all he is wanting. He’d like a “night companion” as well. She’s thinking that he means a young girl from one of the brothel’s, but he would really like to have her join him. She assures him that she is not what he thinks but he would like to see for himself. He likes what he sees and wants more. She graciously obliges, being the great hostess, she is. She tells him to visit her chambers, later that night.

She anticipates his arrival. He arrives promptly. She can tell that he is now nervous, despite how eager he was before. She is more than hospitable and completely offers herself to him. She takes down his pants and likes what she sees. She then begins to suck him off. She offers him a potion that will “enhance his vigor”. He gulps it down. She invites him over to the bed. After speaking of her witches’ crest, he begins to grope her tits. She then eagle spreads. His fingers go in deep and all around her moist pussy. It’s not long before he puts his cock inside of her. With her legs wide and back towards her head, he fucks her deep, while grabbing at her tits. Shortly after, he cums. A big load drips from her pussy.

Next, he fucks her from behind. She bends down and arches over the bed with her legs spread. He spreads her ass, exposing her tight asshole and pussy. He goes deep and hard. Seems like the potion is working. She has to tell him to slow down the pace a bit. He sucks her big nipples and then rubs oil all over her before he plunges deep into her pussy once more. The oil makes their bodies slip and slide against one another. She gets on top. Up and down she goes on his cock, but she may not last until he cums. She orgasms all over his cock. She licks the cum from her pussy off his still hard cock. He has other plans on his mind.

He ties her hands and ankles to the bed. They do a little role playing. Pretending that he is a brigand forcing her to have sex with him. Also pretending that her pussy is just for her husband. She pleads with him to not cum inside her pussy, but he does it anyway. He feeds her the cum from her pussy. At her request, he adds a stroke onto her crest before they go at it once more. This time, the feeling is amplified because her crest has grown. She wants all his cum inside her pussy.

After a long night of fucking, she bids him farewell and goes off to her room. The next morning, she wakes up to him fucking her. She doesn’t take too kindly to him taking her while the sun is up and goes off to get breakfast started. She sees him off later that morning, giving him one last look at the crest he added to last night that she will not forget.

REVIEW 5 out of 5

The Swamp Witch is extremely delicious. I’d love to visit her manor. Her whole body is just yummy. I’d love to lick every inch of it. I liked how open she was to please him and the bit of role playing they did. I wonder if he would’ve been able to handle her and fuck her multiple times without the potion? Or, if that body was a fake, what did she really look like? On second thought, I probably wouldn’t want to know that.  It was also cool how it was written as if it were in 1
st person. The witch waking up to the traveler fucking her I thought was hot. I would love to fuck right now. ^_~