Lucy Lightning was tricked into believing that her mission was to make babies, due to a weapon by the enemies designed to confuse or hypnotize. It seems to have worked out as planned for the opposing side. They have now captured Lightning and she believes that her mission is to have sex, collect sperm and to make babies with them. While on her knees, begging for forgiveness, she also begs for them to share their sperm with her pussy. She wants to get her pussy really wet first so she begins to masturbate. Someone comes up with the great idea to record her masturbating and to put it online so that other potential sperm donors would see it. She loves the idea and willingly participates. While exposing her tits and rubbing her clit, she tells everyone a little about herself.

They cut the masturbation scene short to get down to business. She offers to make her pussy more wet, but they feel it’s ok to start with. She managed to get it quite wet. The first guy to fuck her is hesitant but she assures him that it’s ok, as well as his superior officer. He goes for it but feels something blocking his cock from going all the way in. Turns out that Lightning is a virgin! She insists that he breaks it and moves on to fucking her and giving her the sperm that she wants so badly. He does as she wishes. He doesn’t hold back. He fucks her hard and deep. She’s loving it. He’s also loving how tight her pussy is. Knowing that he enjoys her tight pussy, she somehow makes her pussy even tighter. Smothering his cock with her pussy. He can’t help but to cum deep inside of her. Immediately after, she wants more cock. More cum inside of her. 

She’s taking it in all holes. Getting her pussy pounded, while sucking cock and allowing them to fuck her asshole until her pussy is free. For a virgin, she is acting like quite the pro. She is passionate about completing her mission. Some accidently cum in her mouth or her deep up her ass. She spreads wide for them to bukkake all over her pussy. She is bound to get pregnant. 

Seems as though she is fucking non-stop to see her mission through. Thanks to a new drug enhancement, she can now get pregnant and have her baby all within one week! She keeps tabs on how many cum shots she’s accumulated. She’s in the 7000’s. I’m not sure if she has bared any children but she is now visibly pregnant. She must have done so many guys as she continues her mission. Some guys are now seeing it as a turn-off. While the idea of a cumdump is sexy, actually fucking one is causing the men to treat her differently. They feel that she’s used up and become tired of her. She pleads with them and tries to give them reasons to fuck her, but they are just not interested. It comes to her offering to pay them to have sex with her. Seeing her desperation and dedication, some guys agree to fuck her a more.
Since Lightning was being such a good sport through it all, the Lieutenant decided to give her a special treat. To introduce her to someone that she would love to see. Her sister! Serah! Her sister was taken in custody as well and had the same mission all the while. They had both been made into cumdumps. Once Lightning saw her sister, it was as if the spell was broken. She came to and tried her best to resist but they held her down and continued to fuck her and to make her cum, no matter how hard she struggled. It had been over 100 days. It was too late for her. Her body had succumbed to all the training it had gone through and wanted more. The sisters were doomed to remain under the effects and to fuck and impregnate, as long as they both shall live.

REVIEW 3 out of 5
I saw the cover and was intrigued to see more. I was familiar with the characters, being that I had gotten pretty far in FFXIII. I enjoyed the parts where it seemed that she was enjoying it. I liked seeing her getting gangbanged. The guys started off with polite and generally good attitudes towards her and then it seemed to take a turn. To go from everyone wanting to fuck her to how desperate she became was kind of a turn-off. Throwing her sister in the mix was something unexpected, I guess. For me, rape is only sexy when it’s role played, so that also didn’t do much for me. I did enjoy seeing the sisters together, but I wish it was under different circumstances, lol. 
Overall, it wasn’t bad. When she wanted it, it was hot. Especially in the beginning. If a girl wanting to be or is pregnant is one of your fetishes, you’d like this.