Well, this is a bit of spin on the classic, “Little Red Riding Hood”. The title is “Big Riding Hood and the Little Wolf”. Long story short, the Big Bad Wolf was killed by a hunter for his wicked deed which caused the descendants of the wolf to exact their revenge on the village. To appease the wolves, the villagers thought to send a young girl every year as a sacrifice. They’ve done so for over 200 years. Which leads us to the present. It’s Little Red Riding Hood Day.

It seems that over the 200 years that the event has taken place, the girls have evolved. Riding Hood has gone from small and petite to voluptuous and sexy. The wolves usually select a wolf just coming into adulthood. He was less than prepared when he came face to face with “Little Red Riding Hood”. Compared to her, he was just a kid. Though, he tried to act the part of a ferocious wolf, especially since she was treating him as if he were a cute, furry stuffed animal. He lashed out with his paws to keep her back and instead ripped her top. Exposing her big tits! Red Riding Hood took it upon herself to show the “Lil Wolfy”, how to treat a woman right.

She began by caressing his cock with her tits before she started sucking on it. He reluctantly cummed all over her tits and face. She drank most of it and enjoyed swallowing every drop. She wanted more. She hopped on top of his cock, from behind with her wet pussy. She was surprised by how hard and thick his cock had gotten once it was hard. She fucked it vigorously. He cummed again. She then not only told him that women liked it when a man takes charge while having sex, but she also showed him how to properly pound a woman’s pussy. She let him fuck her missionary style. Forcing his hips to thrust with her legs wrapped tightly around him. He begged for her to stop; his cock was still quite sensitive from having cummed. She wouldn’t let up. He cummed another load into her pussy as she also cummed.

Little Wolfy had had enough. He had finally transformed into a big, bad wolf! He held her down and first had his way with her pussy and next her ass. His, now, huge cock seemed too much for her to take but he would not take it easy on her. He was giving her a dose of her own medicine. He kept pounding away until he shot his load inside of her and she was forced to cum from being pounded in the ass.

Out of the shadows stepped the proud Father of the little wolf. He couldn’t be happier how his son had not been over taken by Little Riding Hood. They were prepared to take her back home with them and to celebrate. Little did they know that Riding Hood had this planned all along. She knew that the Father would be waiting and waiting for the perfect opportunity for them to let their guard down. She chained them with collars and brought them back to Grandmothers house where she had lots of toys to play with and planned to fuck them both.

The story went on to say that eventually Little Red Riding Hood Day had become a thing of the past, seeing as the wolf population had begun to dwindle throughout the years. Little Red Riding Hood had out smarted the Big Bad Wolf.

REVIEW 5 out of 5
It was an interesting take on the story. I enjoyed it. I like seeing the Big Bad Wolf and Riding Hood done with an adult twist. Going from the helpless little wolf into the huge, beast-like wolf was kind of sexy. I did enjoy seeing him pound her pussy and her ass. That was hot. Riding Hood was hot too and quite cunning, in the end. I don’t know why I kind of felt badly for the wolves seeing as how they almost eventually are wiped out. I guess one side has to win. I would’ve liked it if they just kept fucking each other. Perhaps that is what happened once they were captured? They were made into their little love dogs. All in all, I enjoyed it!