There are two stories. First one is Ms. Santa. A disgruntled father is screaming at his son to be quiet. He thinks that he’s jerking off, but he hears another voice. He goes to inspect and sees a big titty girl fucking the shit out of his son. She tells him that she is indeed Santa, which he doesn’t believe at first, and that since the economy has gotten bad they no longer have any material things to give, so she gives her pussy as a gift now. He welcomes her gift. While still on top of his son, she sucks him off and then tells him to shove his cock up her soft asshole. She’s now being double penetrated by father and son. They both cum deep inside Ms. Santa. She made sure that they had a very merry Christmas.

The second story is Home Sweet Home. Another Ms. Santa, with a slightly muscular body, enters a guy’s room while he’s sleeping. He speaks of how lonely he is now with his parents and siblings gone and of how he wants to die. She tells him that what he needs is the warmth of another person. She gets naked and starts sucking his cock while fingering her pussy over him. He sticks his finger inside her wet pussy and then begins to eat her out. Then she plops her super wet pussy down on his cock. They fuck until he cums deep inside of her. As she leaves, she mentions that she should have a nice gift for him next year, hinting that she is pregnant.

REVIEW 3 out of 5
The first part was more comical with the second one being slightly more on a serious note. The idea of a female Santa Clause delivering her pussy as a gift for everyone is a very sexy concept. Father and son double penetration is also very hot. Different art style. I liked the overall idea and Ms. Santa’s big tits.