Over the last summer, Keiko had some rather big plans. Other than fucking Kayla and her very own brother, she was in the midst of wrapping up a project that was quite dear to her. She apparently had been working on it for a while. Being the modest girl, she is, she reluctantly told anyone about it, that wasn’t part of it. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have never known. It was just by chance too. I decided to go on fuck and movie date at the last minute, with a guy that had been begging to fuck me in the ass. When we got there, I couldn’t believe that it was Keiko’s own movie poster! “Keiko Lee as The Crow”. Keiko Lee is her stage name. Keiko had apparently directed and starred in her own rendition of ‘The Crow’. In the movie, she tracked down and fucked the bad guys into submission before killing them. It was fantastic! It became a full-on orgy in the theater that night! Everyone loved it! I saw it twice in one night! I soon after enthusiastically congratulated Keiko. Of course, she was shy about the whole thing. I see big things for Keiko in the future.