Who wouldn’t want to fuck an idol? I don’t think many guys out there, women too, would turn down the opportunity. There are some pretty sexy JPop/KPop idols out there. Well, this guy is about to get his opportunity. Apparently, he has the winning Special Service ticket and his favorite idol just shows up at his doorstep to give him his prize. Nitta Minami! She’s young and hot with big tits.  

Nitta wastes no time giving him exactly what he wants. She wants to have sex and lots of it. He just can’t believe this is really happening. He feels like the luckiest guy in the world. They begin with a deep, sloppy kiss. Doesn’t take long for his cock to get hard. She wants him to stroke his cock while they kiss a bit more. She asks him to keep jacking off and she’d also like for him to cum inside her water bottle. He drains his load inside of her bottle. She then drinks it all. Now she wants to taste his cum directly from his cock. She sucks him off and he shoots his cum inside of her mouth.

Now he cannot wait to fuck her. He gets her into position but first kisses her, not too much worried about the fact that she just had a mouthful of his cum. She spreads wide for him and he shoves his cock inside her sweet, tight, idol pussy. He already feels that he’s on the brink of cumming just after putting it in. Her pussy must feel amazing, tightly wrapped around his cock. Her titties are flopping back and forth as he fucks her. She tells him that he can cum at any time. He creampies her pussy.

He wants to take a break, but she wants to keep going. She turns over onto all fours and spreads her ass. She wants him to fuck her ass next. He lies her down and fucks her tight ass. With cum still dripping from her pussy, he cums deep inside of her ass. Since there was no time restriction for the special service ticket, it’s assumed that they fucked and fucked some more. Not only did he fuck his idol, but she was his for however long he wanted.

Don’t you just love the cover! The images turned me on quite a bit. I loved the wide-open views. She had a very sexy body. Loved the big tits. I would lick Nitta Minami all over. I wondered if she were real, so I looked her up. Turns out that she is a character from the social mobile app game (also other mediums) called, The iDOLLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Seems like a cute game. You could check it out for yourself. This is the video I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWyqwmEM9Qc. The artist really made her a lot more voluptuous in the doujin though. Just the way I like it ^_~.

REVIEW 4 out of 5
Aside from imagining that she is an idol, I thought it was all really sexy. The big tits, hard cock, wet phat pussy, dripping cum from her pussy and ass really got me in the mood. If I were able to rub my clit, I would. I can’t do that in a public place like a café though. Guess I’ll have to wait until I get home. ^_~