Honor Student, Hanekawa, has taken on a whole new identity come this past week. Seems that news travels fast. Now everyone knows she’s willing to give it up to every guy that wants it. She’s more than happy to oblige. The guys usually line up in the school restroom to take turns fucking her. Taking it in and getting cummed in both holes. She really is becoming quite the slut.

After being fucked half the school day in the restroom, it’s off to lunch. The boys make her meal even more enjoyable by cumming all over her food. They even made her a bowl of cum soup. She is very thankful and consumes every bite. Having a belly full of cum also makes her cum.

Next, the school counselor would like to have a word with her. He inspects her school uniform by groping her tits. They do the student-sensei role play and she acts as if he’s sexually harassing her until his cock accidently slips inside her pussy.

Next, Hanekawa finds herself getting off to online pictures of her nekomimi getting fucked by homeless men in public. She just couldn’t help herself. Afterwards, Hanekawa is approached in the school hall by Araragi-kun. She knew exactly what he wanted but he was acting coy, so he didn’t come right out with it. Though his erect cock really spoke for him. Hanekawa was unaware that there was someone spying on them, close by. Someone that didn’t like what they were witnessing. Jealousy perhaps.

While on school grounds, two guys come up to Hanekawa to see if she’d like to do it after school. She happily accepted. Just then, a van pulled up! A masked mad jumped out and grabbed her, pulling her into the van. Hanekawa was being kidnapped. The two boys stood there dumbfounded.

She was taken to a basement of an unknown location where she was stripped down and restrained. She was shocked to see her sensei. He was ordered to “break Hanekawa” and that was what he was prepared to do. He began with a liquid aphrodisiac. Rubbing it all over her body. Groping her tits and fingering her pussy. She couldn’t help but to cum.

Some time had gone by. She was left there in the state of ecstasy. When he came back, he had something else planned that was sure to drive her wild. He began with fondling her over sensitive tits and super erect nipples. Just from a touch, she could tell that her nipples were now just as sensitive as her clit. She cummed again but this time, she squirted milk from her nipples. He then fucked her nipples with a branch like toy as if they were pussies. Thrusting them in and out of her oversized nipple hole. She had to cum.

Afterward, he wasted no time shoving two large dildos into her asshole and pussy. He fucked her so deep with them that she cummed again. Up next, he had something a little more extreme. He pulled out these rod-like instruments that were designed to stimulate the ovaries. He went from the fallopian tube into her ovaries. This drove her crazy. This also made her cum again. Milk began squirting out uncontrollably. He spanked her ass before he left her with the final torture.

Strung up by her wrists and legs, he left her for a whole day with her holes filled up, even her nipple holes. She wondered how she’d survive. She knew that she’d be cumming throughout the whole time she was left alone. Cumming through her pussy felt the best.

When sensei returned he found Hanekawa collapsed on the floor, due to the rope breaking, and exhausted from cumming all day and night. To end it all with a bang, he gave her a pill that was supposed to make her feel it from the inside as well. She cummed with so much intensity that she blacked out.

Turns out that it was Nya that had hired sensei to “break” Hanekawa. Hanekawa’s kitty wanted to return the favor. She also did a number on the sensei for torturing her master. When Nya showed up to see if he had completed the task, she was shocked to see that Hanekawa was no longer there. That is when she received a blow to the head, knocking her unconscious. When she came to, she was now in the same position that Hanekawa was. It was her turn now. She was now going to feel what Hanekawa had gone through and then some. Kitty made sure that she would also be included in the fun.

Two weeks later, Araragi-kun is beyond shocked to see them at school, just as if nothing had ever happened. Their appearance had definitely changed. They were even bigger sluts than before. With lewd writing all over them, tits hanging out and toys up the ass and pussy in public. A big group of guys were surrounding them both. They were prepared to start their 24-hour, nonstop orgy. Seems like they had both done one another a favor by putting each other through the pleasure torture. They were now the school’s biggest sluts.

Hanekawa’s arousal definitely aroused me. I loved how much of a slut she was while at school. Seeing her getting fucked in the school restroom like that was really hot. I instantly became wet. I loved Hanekawa’s body. I’d love to fuck her. The sexual torture also turned me on. Seeing her cum so many times made me wish I could cum just as many. The story wasn’t too elaborate. It was to the point, which I liked because almost every page was of Hanekawa doing something sexy. Even eating cum covered food in the school cafeteria. Sounds delicious. I would have loved to see what Hanekawa’s kitty had done to Nya. The only two things that weren’t a super turn on for me was fucking the nipples and the ovaries. I did, however, like the how much pleasure they both brought to her.

REVIEW 5 out of 5
Anyhow, I really liked it! Super sexy. I have rubbed my clit to it and cummed at least twice.