Kan’u-sama had a well-known reputation for being a great fighter. One day, while practicing, she is approached by a villager. He wanted to give her praise as well as a suggestion. He told her that he could help her to become even stronger and more beautiful than she already is if she were to allow him to train her. He called it, “Special Training”. She eagerly accepted. She couldn’t wait to get started.

On the first day of training, he had her put on a string bikini. The bikini was so small and tight that her tits barely fit. The bikini top just nearly covered her nipples. You could clearly see the shape of her thick pussy. She wasn’t sure about it at first, but he helped ease her mind. Telling her that she looks beautiful. Next, he was going to help loosen up her body/muscles by rubbing oil all over her while she lied down on the bed. She was very hesitant, but she allowed him to proceed. He soon had her body covered in oil. He convinced her that her tits were too stiff, so he groped her tits and pulled at her nipples. His hands slipped down in-between her legs. He rubbed against her clit before shoving his hand inside her oiled-up pussy. Vigorously going in and out. This was all part of the process. He had to loosen her pussy, of course. Now the “Special Training” could begin.

He whipped his cock out and placed on top of her pussy. She grew concerned. She had never fucked before. But he convinced her that he needed to train her from the inside out. He rammed his cock in and though she had reservations, she allowed him to continue the training.

He would train her every day, anywhere, at any time, for the next two weeks. Even if she resisted. No matter if someone would be able to see them. One night, while fucking…I mean, giving her “Special Training”, he called out the name, Aisha. That really took her by surprise. She was especially surprised to find out that his plan was for them to become lovers the whole time. Aisha refused to be his lover. She also felt lied to. While fucking her deep in her ass from behind, he said he would just take his cock out if she wasn’t interested. She quickly changed her mind so that he wouldn’t stop fucking her and begged him to keep his cock inside of her. As he slapped her ass and fucked her deep, she cummed.

He had her right where he wanted her. She went from a warrior-virgin to being totally dependent on his cock. After a month of “Special Training”, she couldn’t get enough of it.

Three days had gone by since the last time they fucked, and she was craving it. She wore sexy lingerie just for him. He wasted no time bending her legs back and eating out her pussy. Her pussy got really wet after waiting what seemed like forever. He teased her a bit and then shoved it in. She was overly happy to receive his cock after three days. She begged for him to cum inside of her. He dumped all the cum he’d been saving up deep inside her pussy. His new plan was now to get her pregnant, something she wanted as well. With all the cum he just unloaded, it’s safe to say that he succeeded.

The sexy warrior Aisha fell for the “Special Training” trick but in the end, got what she wanted although she may not have known she needed. She had a hunch in the beginning that he may be lying to her, but she didn’t stop him. Taking her virginity, forcing her to fuck any and everywhere (even with a child asleep in the same room). She enjoyed it all. In the end, too much.

REVIEW 4 out of 5
Cute and sexy story. They get right into it. The start with the full-body rub down was very nice. I’d love to rub Aisha’s big tits and fist her pussy. The sex scenes really turned me on. Mostly because of Aisha’s thick body. I love the idea of fucking any and everywhere, at any time.