I love a sexy, thick, soft body with big tits. Hard to resist. I guess that’s why I chose this one. This hentai doujin gets right to it. No lead up. She walks through the door and he kisses her. His cock already hard. She hasn’t even taken her school uniform off yet. He bends her over and goes for her tits, pulling at her nipples. Next her panties come down and he shoves his cock in from behind. He quickly cums inside of her.

Next encounter, she comes in from a jog and he instantly wants to fuck her. Again, she doesn’t even get a chance to take her clothes off. She titty-fucks him and it doesn’t take long before he lets out a huge load all over her face. She thinks that he’s done until he suddenly lies her down, pulls her closer to him and shoves his already cumming cock into her pussy.

The next time, she decides she’d like to cheer him up by getting dressed up in a cheerleading costume. She’s glad to see his cock is hard and ready to fuck again. Before she can get her mouth on his cock, he’s already leaking cum. She tells him to lie down and then proceeds to lie on top of him, sliding his cock in between her legs (as if she grew a cock herself). She noticed he was about to cum, so before he did, she plopped her wet pussy down on his cock. He filled her up with his cum, though she didn’t want to stop there so she kept riding his cock. He cummed once more, deep inside of her, while she also cummed. She felt as if her stomach was filled up with his cum.

Maybe just seeing her sexy body and remembering how good her pussy feels when he fucks her made it hard to hold back. He just couldn’t control himself. He would cum so quickly but the good thing about him is that he could keep going. I definitely wouldn’t mind a man that could cum multiple times, just as long as I was able to get off too. I’d love to taste, be blasted and filled up with all of that cum. So hot. It would also be a turn-on to know that I could turn-on a guy so much that he just couldn’t help himself.

REVIEW 4 out of 5
Like the guy in this doujin, this was short and to the point. Nothing wrong with that. It was still quite sexy. I’d love to feel her up and lick all over her body. I’d especially like to suck those tits.