Bell is some sort of fighter that defeats monsters. He is able to gain experience by fighting. He also has a very sexy Goddess that helps to heal him and look after him.

It begins with the Goddess healing Bell’s wounds after a battle. She seems to be worried about him but he enjoys fighting because he becomes stronger after each fight. Except for this time, he didn’t gain any experience. The Goddess tells him that going to the same place to fight is kind of like cheating and him not gaining points is most likely to stop rapid growth. Well, for Bell, that won’t be a problem. This is exactly why he sought out such a Goddess. She is able to remove level caps. That is in fact her specialty. When she tells him that she will do anything, with enthusiasm, he takes full advantage of that notion.

He begins with groping her tits but once the Goddess notices Bell’s hard-on, she quickly begins to suck on his cock. He soon cums loads all over her mouth and boobs. She then titty-fucks his cock. Now, before he cums again, she’d like for him to fuck her pussy and then to cum deep inside of her. He does as she wishes. Fucking her wet pussy with her legs wide and from behind. Bell fucks her so hard and deep that she cums and he cums right after. Just as they are both cumming, the Goddess big sister walks in to collect what Hestia, the Goddess, owes her. Since she is unable to pay, Hephaestus takes Bell as payment.

The next chapter, Big Sister and Little Boy Chapter, begins with Hephaestus presenting herself to Bell naked. The doujin ends on that note. 

REVIEW 3 out of 5
I’m assuming that this is part of an ongoing series. Seems as if there was a lot left out. Story was very quick and to the point. Hestia was very sexy as was her sister. I feel as though I’m missing a lot when it comes to the characters and story, being that everything was so brief and vague. Again, still sexy.