Tomo-chan has gotten his hands on an Icarus card. Not knowing the full capacity of its powers, he has made a wish and it came true! Sohara had given him one of the best titty-fucks he’d ever had. He then wished for her, already huge boobs, to be even bigger. Unfortunately, that was all just a wet dream.  Strangely enough, he awoke to see that Sohara’s tits had actually grown bigger! She knew it was his doing and confronted him about her now gigantic boobs.

Amid promising to return her to her normal self, he cannot resist but to nestle his face between her tits and to suck on her super plump nipples. Her tits continued to grow as he sucked them. He loved the taste of the milk that suddenly began to squirt out from her nipples. He stripped off his clothes and stuck his cock in between her tits. After cumming all over her twice, she thought it was over, but Tomo-chan wanted more. He fingered her nipples before shoving his cock inside. He fucked her nipples hard. His cock fucked her tit deep. She begged him to pull out before he unloaded inside. Suddenly, her tits went back to normal!

She was ecstatic that her boobs had return to their normal state but still peeved that he had done that to her in the first place. She wanted to know why. When he explained to her that he did it because he loves her, she felt a little sympathetic towards him. In that moment, she thought she might feel something for him too and decided to let him fuck her.

He shoved his cock in her wet pussy. She begged him to take it slow, but he was inside of her, he couldn’t control himself. He fucked her fast and deep. Her tits began to squirt milk again. He sucked the milk from her tits and fucked her pussy at the same time. She didn’t want him to cum inside her, but he did anyway. Little did they know that they were being watched all along…

REVIEW 4 out of 5
Uncontrollably growing tits! Who could resist?! Not me. I’d love to suck on breast that big, with those plump nipples. Mmmm… Cute little story. Starting off with a wet dream was nice. The magic of the Icarus card was interesting. Sohara was super sexy with her humongous tits.