For the Yukai (an alien bug species), it’s a special time. A time for the hunt. The season has finally arrived where they hunt humans for sport and get to do whatever they want to do to them. The Ushimitsu hour has arrived. Keine and Wriggle Nightbug can barely hold back their excitement.

Keine and Wriggle Nightbug manage to hunt down and capture two men and a boy. Once back at the school, they tie them up. The humans have no idea what is about to happen to them. They have no idea that they are about to be turned into sex slaves.

Somehow, Keine and Wriggle Nightbug know exactly what they like, in terms of sex. Knowing that the men like it rough, Keine begins to roughhouse them by kicking them in the face. It works. The men are turned on. Their cocks growing in their pants tells that much. Keine takes one of the men’s cock out and begins to give him a footjob. Wriggle Nightbug takes her sweaty sock and puts it on the others cock while she gives him a footjob. They each cum loads. Squirting cum all over them. Next is the boys turn.

They are pleasantly surprised to see that the small in stature boy has a huge cock. Instead of a footjob, they both decide to give him a blow job. It just happens to be his first time. They are loving sucking his big cock at the same time. He is very much enjoying it as well. Keine decides to let Wriggle Nightbug wring the first cum out of his cock. Wriggle couldn’t be happier about that. She sucks him off hard until he cums all over her face.

In the meantime, Keine gets the other guys to fuck her from behind and in her mouth. They can’t help but to cum deep inside of her. Watching Keine getting fucked made Wriggle and the boy want to fuck too. Being that this was going to be his first time, he was a bit nervous, but he didn’t hold back on fucking Wriggle hard and deep.

The men each took turns fucking them both. Cumming so many times that they lost count. That’s exactly what both Keine and Wriggle wanted. They wanted to them to cum as many times as possible so that they could fertilize their eggs. They wanted the human men to get them pregnant. Over and over and over again. Until the mere humans could no longer fuck them. Pity though because the Yukai females could keep going for much longer.

So, the whole purpose for the hunt was to get impregnated by the humans. They have succeeded. Though, I’m not too sure what was to come of the humans.

REVIEW 3 out of 5
The story was interesting to say the least but still sexy. Keine bent over and getting fucked hard from behind was really hot. I’ve never tried giving a footjob with a sock before. Maybe I should try that. We’ll see. All in all, it wasn’t bad.