The people of Orsello take rehabilitating the animals quite seriously. Especially the sexy duo, Lupuli and her daughter, who acts as her assistant, Mumunary. They both are great at their job largely due to the fact that they have a great love for bestiality. Lupili has been working with Sheek, a large horse with an exceptionally large cock. He’s there because the mares couldn’t handle his huge cock. Mumunary is working with a Landow, a warthog. He is there to get away from the female warthogs who were forcing themselves onto him constantly. Then there’s also Hado, a great dane and the family dog.

They eagerly begin their day by sucking off the large animals. Both mother and daughter wanted to please the beasts and wanted to taste their cum. Landow suddenly shoved his cock deep down Mumunary’s throat. They both took mouthfuls causing some to squirt from their noses. Though they were satisfied, they never allowed the animals to know. If the animals were not performing well, that meant that they could keep them their and continue to receive and give them pleasure by sucking them off. Though they often imagined fucking the animals, they had resisted…until today.

Mumunary spread her legs wide and told Landow to stuff her with his cock. Lupuli took a few warty loaches up her pussy (slimy, live tentacles) before she began with Sheek. They moved and wiggled all around her ass, then she had Sheek plunge his cock inside. Neither wanted the animals to hold back but for some reason, they were. Sheek and Landow just were not inspired to give it their all. Landow because the females in his herd used to force sex on him as a sign of dominance, there was nothing personal about it. Sheek felt the guilt of injuring the mares in his past and so that he would not hurt anyone else, he closed himself off. Though now they were being given the opportunity to give it how they wanted to females that truly wanted them and everything they had.

That’s when they decided to let loose. Landow’s thick, long, wart covered cock and Sheek’s humungous horse cock fucked them hard, fast and deep. They fucked them like the animals they were. Lupuli fucked doggy style and being careful not to make the family dog feel left out, she sucked his cock while her ass was being rammed. Mumunary took it lying on her back with her legs wide and wrapped around Landow. The girls were telling them each exactly what they needed to hear and gave them permission to go wild, which they did. They unleashed their inner beast. Sheek was no longer afraid to shove his entire lengthy cock inside. You could see the impression of his cock shoved in her belly as if it were trying to bust out.  It felt so, so good. Cumming was like an explosion of ecstasy. Still they pumped them harder and faster until they Sheek and Landow unloaded a pool of cum deep inside. Afterward, they were left, exhausted in puddles of cum.

The rehab had been a success! They were now cured and able to fuck without any reservations. Lupuli and Mumunary wondered why they beasts didn’t want to return back to nature. It was obvious that the Sheek, Landow and even Hado felt there was no reason to return into the wild when they could be more than satisfied, fucking them every day, if they stayed.

REVIEW 5 out of 5
For those of you that are into bestiality, I thought you’d like this. The last doujin I reviewed just happens to be by the same artist as this doujin. I like how both parties are wanting it. The girls even more so. I find that extremely hot. Love their asses and big tits. Interesting costume choice and details. Guess that fits into making it seem like a foreign land. The differences shown in the detail of the animal cocks was really nice. I love how big he makes the cocks. The loaches were an interesting yet sexy touch. How they were wrapping around Sheek’s cock while he rammed Lupuli’s ass. If I were the animals, I wouldn’t want to leave either. Seems that there’s more to this series. I can’t wait to check them out.