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Likes to talk to people.

About myself:

Ask me to find out im a open book

Favorite books:


Favorite movies:

What ever really

Favorite shows:

Don't watch a lot of tv but it was kim possible from way back when

Favorite music:

All music is sweet but i do like some sweet jazz or sca

Favorite foods:

the zaaa

You should message me if:

Anything Horny, wanna talk dirty, just board or just wanna talk to some one who cares what you have to say.

I'm on to:

Enjoy everything.


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07 December 2016 16:57


Hey KrimKnight! How've you been? What's Zaaa? I'd have to look that up. Lol, I used to watch Kim Possible too. We have a few pin-ups with Kim Possible on the site. Well call me, beep me when you want to reach me. ^_~